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Language Arts and Math

(Students work with this program weekly in class. Clicking on this link will take students to the SSO Portal where they will log in for access to the program.)

Houston County Schools 6-12 Grade ELA Lesson Supplement: Ten Days Reading, Writing, Thinking, and More

Khan Academy Schedules for School Closing (with Resources)

Get Georgia Reading

Get Georgia Reading, the statewide reading initiative, is providing FREE access to myOn online! Students now have access to over 6,400 online books and age appropriate news articles to read. Signing in to access these is EASY and FREE for everyone!

Go to to login and start reading.

School Name: Get Georgia Reading(type the first few letters and select from the drop-down menu)

Username: yourcounty (e.g. houstoncounty)

Password: read

Click the Sign In button and start reading!

Digital Learning Resources provided by the district: