HMS Softball

Tryouts - 1st Day of School


7th Grade: Emily Timmons

8th Grade: Joey Walker

Requirements for participation in extracurricular activities
* Houston County Schools require a student to pass four academic classes and one exploratory class (to include English, math, science, social studies and one elective) for promotion. However, to participate in athletics, a student must be promoted and must pass five of six classes the previous semester. Summer school is an extension of the previous school year. 
* Students enrolled in seventh grade and have met the academic requirements and will not have reached their fourteenth (14th) birthday prior to May 1 of the current school year will participate on seventh grade teams.
* Students who meet the academic requirements above but have reached their fourteenth (14th) birthday before May 1 of the current school year must participate on eighth grade teams.
* Students who have been placed in the next grade level are not eligible the first semester.
* To try out and participate in any sport, students must pass a physical signed by a licensed medical doctor. The physical will be good for one year.
* Students must have on file at school a copy of their certified birth certificate before the student may participate in competition. 
If there are any further questions about eligibility, feel free to contact the coaches.
Revised 2020 Softball Schedule