Homework Hotline

Teacher        App Code   Team or Class Name

Blackwell JXXPQV     Angels Team
Brown        65BSW9     Legends Team
Butler        CSPCMD    Nationals Team
Clark        BADKK6     Aces Team
Coggins        QP8DUD    7th Social Studies
Coggins        3MZX23     7th World Geography
Coggins        AALVPJ     Coggins 8th Science
Covington 6A3VZX     Diamonds
Green        CQJ9LR     All Stars Team
Hahn        U4BUGK    8th Grade Sliders
Knutson        PXWCUX   6th Gifted Science
Knutson        FWCT5P     6th Gifted Social Studies
Knutson        KB6KA7     7th Gifted Science
Knutson        QDHDH7    7th Grade Reg Science
Moneypenny UDVWVQ   Gifted 6th ELA
Moneypenny WU892E     Gifted 7th ELA
Moneypenny GALZA6     Gifted 7th Math
Moneypenny 3ZLCJZ     Regular Ed 7th ELA
Nelson        PE63FZ     Rookies Team
Reynolds P2DB2A     Braves Team
Slavik        4Y7L58     7th Grade Sliders
Summers 9Y2BZB     Sluggers Team
Watts        8N76YE     Homeroom
Watts        MBMA3C    Watts 8th Gifted ELA
Watts        V2FGNB     Watts 8th Gifted GA History
Westphal HQ8UHJ     6th AC Math
Westphal B547MP     8th Algebra 1
Williamson 7YHKDT     6th Grade Sliders


 1) Download app for phone and/or computer

  2) Follow steps - You will need to verify by using an email

  3) Once you have downloaded and verified the account you will need to enter the team or class code for the messages you would like to receive.

  4) The teacher/team leader will then be able to send you homework/test and other announcements.

  ***If you downloaded the App last year it will work this year. You will need to enter the codes for the teachers this year and it will work. ***