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ABSENT? Here`s help!

What if I'm ABSENT?  
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If you are absent, you will not want to get behind in your school work. Of course, enjoy your time away if you are traveling or take the time to heal if you are ill, but also be responsible and work on your assignments when you can. Remember, high school will be harder than middle school, and you need to develop this personal skill NOW so you are a stronger student in high school.

HOW? - you may's how:

1. Check the Teacher's Webpage: Many teachers post assignment updates on their webpages or suggestions for how to keep up using online resources.

2. Study for tests if you are absent on a test day. You can use your notes, flashdrive, textbook, and online resources. Even if it isn't a test day you miss, you can always study for an upcoming test.

3. Use your flashdrive, digital notebook, or Ms. Bray's webpage. I downloaded ALL of the year's homework, units of study, and test study guides on it. (*That's why every student should turn in a flashdrive at the start of the year as recommended on the class supply list.)

4. Call Homework Hotline or a classmate. Contact a classmate for your missed assignments and to catch up on what you missed in class.

5. Email the teacher or classmate. Use technology to help you stay informed. However, you should always use another study suggestion listed above should your email not receive a response. Be prepared.

SO, YOU SEE THERE IS NO EXCUSE FOR GETTING BEHIND WHEN YOU ARE ABSENT! :) All of your work is available to you in multiple forms. The bottom line is will YOU take the initiative to do your work when you are absent?

Finally, don't be absent for frivolous reasons. The most important thing is to be present! You miss meaningful class discussions, insights from your peers, humorous lessons, and demonstrations that just can't be replicated when you return. Your future is worth your present investment in your come to school and on time. :) Besides, we miss you when you are out.