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Engracia Barnes Staff Photo
Mrs.  Engracia  B.  Barnes
Reading Intervention
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Gaduate-Masters of Teaching: Georgia College State & University


Undergraduate-BA in English Language and Rhetoric: Binghamton University

High School: White Plains High School


I began my  teaching career as a Warrior at Warner Robins Middle School. I taught Foreign Language for a year, but unfortunately at the end of the year the program was dissolved and I found myself at a new home as a Hawk at Huntington Middle School. This year marks my fourth year as a proud Hawk and I have been shining and soaring higher everyday with my fellow Hawks!


I became a teacher because of the vital role teachers played in my own childhood and later on in my adult decisions. I am first generation American educated child of Dominican immigrants; because of this I wasn’t afforded the luxury of having parental guidance in the importance of an education. It was my teachers who made me aware of the integral part that education plays in the successes and longevity of my future decisions. I believe that there are still students in our society who face the same challenges I did as a child, and I would love to be their voice of encouragement and their rock to lean on as they take on the journey to making education a priority.


Teaching gives me the chance to make a difference in the life of our children. Teaching creates an opportunity to give students a space to explore. I am a teacher because in my classroom, students are free to not only be themselves, but to discover new things about themselves. In doing so, I have done my job in creating a room where students are able to learn free of judgment and distractions.


I believe that all children can learn and it is up to me, as a teacher, to figure out the different ways each individual child learns and then proceed to teach in a manner that is inclusive to all learning styles, so that all students feel cared for and included. I believe that all students must be challenged and I am a firm believe that each students does desire to succeed, no matter what negative factors he/she may encounter at home or in school. I teach because I believe that all children regardless of outside influences can come into my classroom and feel safe, cared for and free to be themselves and able to learn.