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Mr. Hawk

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Service Forms
2018 Mr. Hawk Competition Applicaton (Mr. Hawk) 10/4/2018

Signature Page (Mr. Hawk) 10/1/2016

Signature page requires $1.00 to sign.  You should have no more than 10 signature per page.  This is a requirement to have at least your picture in the program and have well wishes.  One side is considered to be one page. 

If may have as many signature pages as you like as long as there are not more than one signature.  You may not have business cards on your signature page.  


This is a wonderful opportunity to have friends and family to sign your page and provide well wishes to you.  Remember a half page is considered to be a page in a book.  Both sides are considered to be 2 pages.  Each page is a total of $10.00 for well wishes to be signed.


Please make sure you use black ink as pencil do fade when being copying.


Donation Letter (Mr. Hawk) 10/1/2016

Please print from the Miss HMS page when you go out to the community and requesting donations.  Please parents help in getting gifts for gift bags or for the King or queen.  Try to ask for 30 items if you can, but any items would be appreciated for part of the court.

People Choice / Community Support (Mr. Hawk) 10/1/2016

This is a highly prestigious award!   This also shows the judges that you are willing to go out into the community and meet people to support the school and yourself!  You are hopefully seeking commuity supports through ads genrerous donars.  We really look forward to hearing who will be the People Choice Award for that night! 


Onstage Questions (Mr. Hawk) 10/1/2016

Start Practicing how you would answer these questions on stage.

2018 Calendar (Mr. Hawk) 10/4/2018