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Miss HMS Pageant

Select A New Community Service
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Service Forms
Miss HMS Application Packet (Miss HMS Pageant) 8/28/2018

Onstage Questions (Miss HMS Pageant) 10/26/2018

$1.00 per signature /Signature Page $10.00 total Required to have picture in program book (Miss HMS Pageant) 10/1/2016

The Signature page requires $1.00 per signature/salutation to sign.  There should be no more than 10 signatures per page.  The ten (10) signatures allow at least your photo and well wishes to be published.

You may have as many signature pages as you like; however, business cards are not allowed on signature pages (they have a separate section).


This is a wonderful opportunity to have friends and family to sign your page, write words of love, good luck and encouragement. The right side is considered to be 1 page as well as the left side is another page, both sides are considered to be 2 pages.  Each page is a total of $10.00 a piece.


Please make sure all signatures and sayings are in black ink as pencil fades when being copied. Signature pages are due no later than Monday of pageant week by 1:00PM.

People Choice / Community Support (Miss HMS Pageant) 10/1/2016

This is a highly prestigious award!   This award allows the judges to see that you are willing to go out into the community, meet people and solicit support for the school and your community service project(s).  Supporters may donate a minimum of a $1.00 and as much as @20.00.  We really look forward to seeing who will be the People's Choice Award winner!

Donation Letter (Miss HMS Pageant) 10/1/2016

When going out in the community asking for donations, please use this letter.