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Please help your child with our content vocabulary. To truly "own a word" in one's personal permanent vocabulary, one should be able to . . .

1. SAY the word correctly                      3. DEFINE the word

2. SPELL the word                                4. USE the word correctly

8th SCIENCE Vocabulary

atom     molecule    matter    mass    density    weight    compound     pure substance     mixed substance   heterogeneous    homogeneous    volume    gravity    physical change    chemical change    chemical reaction   solid    liquid     gas    plasma    properties     proton     neutron     electron    nucleus     element    

condesation     evaporation     sublimation     freezing     depotism      melting point    freezing point        boiling point    temperature     pressure  

valence electron   bonding   breaking-bonds   solution    reactivity     combustibility     Periodic Table     family/group     row/period     metals     non-metals     metalloids     atomic number     atomic mass    


metric base units of measurement:

gram - mass;   liters - liquid;   meter - distance/length;   Celsius - temperature;


8th  Grade SOCIAL STUDIES Vocabulary

hemispheres    continent    region    compass rose    cardinal directions    Blue Ridge    Valley and Ridge   Appalachain Plateau    Piedmont    Coastal Plan    Fall Line    Climate and Location    geographic  

personal income    budget    revenue    debt    debit    credit    savings    expenditure    retirement    investing    cash/currency     loan     mortgage     income tax     consumption tax (sales tax)      property tax (ad valorem tax)     federal grant     entrepreneur     risk     profit     capital      collaterol     economy        Coca-Cola     Home Depot      Georgia-Pacifc      Delta Airlines      4-transportation systems: airport, railroad, interstates, water-ways    deep-water ports     cargo      import     export     tariff     trade     free tade    jobs    broilers     agriculture      manufacturing      textile     grist-mill      lumber   military bases     climate and location

Prehistoric Native Americans     Paleo     Archaic    Woodland    Mississippian   nomadic     evolution    origin     Bering Strait     technology    horticulture    atlatl     palisades     temple mounds

Goverment documents:

Constitution: preamble, articles, and amendments      Articles of Confederation    

all  27 amendments especially: 13, 14, 15 amendments      Bill of Rights      Declaration of Independence    

Georgia Constitution: preamble, articles, & amendments                   Title IV       Civil Rights Act       


7th Grade Science Vocabulary

Coming Soon

6th Grade Science Vocabulary

Coming Soon

Sixth Grade Math Vocabulary

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