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2014-2015 Choral Handbook (Chorus) 7/31/2014
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Middle School Choral Department Handbook


July 31, 2014


Dear Parents & Students:


Greetings!  Welcome to another exciting, exhilarating, and fun-filled school year. 


This is your chorus handbook.  Enclosed in this handbook are important details about the choral program.  Please keep this handbook.  It will answer most of your questions regarding information for the choir program.  This handbook sets goals and guidelines that each student must follow to ensure an exciting choral program. 


Please review this handbook very carefully and refer back to it throughout the year as questions arise about the Choir procedures.  If we all agree on the goals, expectations, purpose and procedures of the Choral Department, the year will go smoothly. 


Please, at any time, feel free to contact me either by phone (478) 542-2240 ext 53354 or by e-mail should you have any questions regarding the Choral Department. 


Students will receive 100 points as a daily grade for returning the Acknowledgement Form with both signatures (students and parents). 


The acknowledgement form and information sheet should be returned to Mrs. Holloway by Monday, August 4, 2014.


Activity Fee $30

This will be due September 5, 2014.

This will help to cover the T-Shirt and red collared shirt.



I am looking forward to the upcoming year of wonderful singing!




Mrs. Holloway

“Mrs. H”



















The main goal of the Choral Department is Singing!!!  Every aspect of the choral program is designed to create energized singing, create awareness, understand singing styles, and create good singers.




Attitude makes a BIG difference! At all times, display an attitude of respect and courtesy toward others: an attitude of energy, intensity and enthusiasm for music and choral functions.  Work hard, enjoy choir, and be glad you are a part of such an outstanding organization.  Strive to uphold a vision of excellence for yourself and the choir.  Give 100% at all times!  You have chosen to be in choir, so make the most and best of it!!!  LEAD BY EXAMPLE!!!!












I teach because…

I.                 Music is a universal Language.

II.              I want to inspire a student to reach for their dreams.

III.             I believe that every child can learn and accomplish anything that they set their mind to.

IV.             I want to positively impact the lives of my students, as some of my teachers positively impacted me.

V.              I CARE!!!


Chorus Descriptions


6th, 7th, 8th Grade Chorus Description:

All choruses are performing groups. 

*Chorus is a yearlong commitment and requires time from both students and parents. 

**A variety of music will be studied and performed. 

All choruses will participate in 4 performances throughout the entire school year. 

Students will be required to have the appropriate uniform – T-shirt and red collared shirt.

Students will be asked to wear khakis, black pants, or jeans.

Uniforms can be rented for the year: $10.00 each.


7th and 8th Grade Choir members ONLY:

Students are highly encouraged to participate in the following events:

  • All State Choir
    • Competition that involves 2 auditions and after school rehearsals that enable the student to be well prepared for the event. 
    • If the students pass the second audition, they are 1 among 200-250 Middle School Choir students recognized by the state of Georgia. 
    • They perform in Athens, GA and it is a 3-day event
  • District Honor Choir
    • Students must audition for All State in order to participate.
    • Students do not have to make it to All State but it is a requirement for them to participate in the process in order to be considered. 
    • Huntington Middle School took 26 students. 
    • This gives the student a chance to perform with high school students, and other talents singers in our school District.



Chorus Guidelines/Discipline Policy


My Philosophy:

I believe all students have the ability to behave appropriately in the classroom.  I will not tolerate any student keeping another student from learning. 

  1. Students who disrupt the learning environment will be given the proper level strike and parents will be called. 
  2. If the strikes lead to be more serious then the director will contact the parents again, and a decision will be made about their participation in the Choral program.


[Discipline problems can be very disruptive in the chorus classroom and prevent the students’ ability to learn and prepare for performances.  The teacher can cut the student from participating in performances, field trips and extra activities if the student is not prepared or disruptive.  If the student is cut from a graded activity an alternate written assignment will be given.]


Daily Information


Daily Procedures

The HMS Choir will use the following guidelines to make the most of our rehearsal time.

1.              Enter the Choir Room quietly

2.              Choir members should have the following for every rehearsal:

a.      Sharpened Pencil – sharpened before rehearsal begins


3.              No gum, candy, drinks food in rehearsals or concerts.  No foreign debris in mouth. 

4.              Students will not play the piano without permission

5.              Be respectful towards the director, choir members, and visitors.

6.              Social talking keeps the choir from creating beautiful music - it isn’t the talking that creates the music, it is the wonderful voice you sing.

7.              Every student is required to sing = PERFORMANCE BASED CLASS. (No participation leads to loosing participation points in class.  You always start with a 100 at the beginning of each week)

8.              The Bell/Clock does not dismiss the student, the teacher does!!!


Grading Policy


The Huntington Middle School Choir program takes great pride in continuing a tradition of excellence.  The grading policy reflects this commitment and also provides all students the chance to excel according to their own personal learning style.  The grade will consist of daily skills assessment and effort, oral and written work, rehearsal and concert attendance. 


The final grade will be based on the following point system as outlined below:


1.              Weekly Rehearsal…..…..……………………………………………50%

2.              Performances……………...…………………………..……..…….....35%

3.              Quizzes/Worksheets/Project…………………………….…..…15%



Public Performances and After School Rehearsals

  1. Public performances are important and show our school!
  2. Excused absences from public performances will be granted in case of genuine emergency only.
  3. The following are excused absences from Choral events:
    1. Personal sickness (note required)
    2. Death in family
  4. Prior written excuse presented and excused by the director and/or principal.
    1. Written note by the parent/guardian explaining the reason for their absence.
  5. Student is to make up the performance by a written assignment topic given by the teacher.
  6. If student misses more than 2 performances, parents will be contacted again and the severity of the absence will be discussed with an administrator.
  7. Please call the choir room office at (478) 542- 2240 ext. 53354 before the concert begins if an emergency arises. 
    1. Jobs, family trips, birthday parties, etc. do not justify absences.
  8. Choir students are often involved in a variety of extra-curricular activities.  If conflicts occur in the scheduling of practices, rehearsals, games, and performances, the following guideline will be used:
    1. Check the HMS Choir Calendar periodically for scheduling information.
    2. A performance or game should take precedent over a practice or rehearsal with no penalty involved in the missed practice or rehearsal, provided the director and coach are notified in advance.
    3. The choir director and the sponsor of the other conflicting school-sponsored event handle all school conflicts. 

The date and time for each performance and after school rehearsal will be announced as far in advance as possible (generally a month ahead of time for a performance and two weeks for a rehearsal).  A list of events already scheduled is included in this handbook. 


Choral Participation Fee/ Uniforms


Each student who is in the chorus program will need to pay the $40.00 choral participation fee. 

  • The $30.00 participation fee includes: [Payment plan may be discussed]
    • The cost of local trips
    • A t-shirt and polo shirt for all choral students. 
    • This fee will be due by September 5, 2014. 
    • T-shirts and polo shirts will be ordered on September 2, 2014 so that they will be back in time for our first performance.   
  1. All choral students will need to have the required choral t-shirt and polo for performances.
  2. Each student will need khaki pants or khaki skirts, or black pants for more formal performances. 
  3. Students will also need to make sure that they have a nice pair of blue jean pants and shoes that are not so bright to distract the audience from concentrating on the singing.
  4. I will not deviate from the specified uniform.
  5. Students who do not have the specified uniform may not be able to perform with the chorus. 
  6. Please complete the acknowledgement form with sizes for t-shirt and polo shirt and return it to Mrs. H by September 6th along with the $40.00 participation fee.  NO REFUNDS!!
  7. Parents may also purchase t-shirts from the chorus department to show your support of the chorus program.  T-shirts will be $10.00 for each parent shirt.  Please submit this order with your student’s uniform order by August 4, 2014.  NO REFUNDS!

Fundraisers:      To help defray the cost of activities and the choir uniform, we will have several fundraisers throughout the year along with Payment Plans.  Each student who wishes to receive funds from the fundraising events will have to put forth a great effort for these events.  If a student does not participate in the fundraising event he/she will not receive any money!  NO EXCEPTIONS!


Fundraisers are optional; however, they are important for the funding of our Chorus program.  Fundraisers include but are not limited to dances, bake sales, car washes, candy sales, doughnut sales and dinner theatres.






Charms music program is designed to help keep parents informed of what their child is doing in the chorus program.  Parents are able to view financial records, print paperwork, e-mail the teacher and view uniform.  Charms music also features a calendar of events for the chorus program. Charms music has been a lifesaver for the chorus program as it helps us to keep up with very important documents. Grades will still be posted on Infinite Campus.


1.              Go To CHARMS Music (

2.              Click ENTER in the top right hand corner to enter the parent/student area

3.              In the box enter HuntingtonChoir (case-sensitive and all one word no spaces).

4.              In the Student Area Password box, type your child’s five-digit lunch number.


Chorus Schedule

All dates in BOLD and capital letters are required for all choral students. 


All state students will rehearse from 3 – 4pm every Monday and Tuesday after August 4-8.  

4-8                             All State Sign up for 7th and 8th graders only

4th                              Acknowledgement FORMS DUE

4th                               6th grade Parent Meeting – No students without parents! 3:00-4:30 pm

(Chorus Room)

5th                               HMS 7th/8th Grade Parent Meeting – No students without parents! 3:00-4:30 pm

                                    (Chorus Room)


All state students will rehearse from 3 – 4pm every Monday and Tuesday.  

5th                              Choral Activity $ is due ($30.00) [Payment plan is accepted]

22th                            All State Chorus form and $ due

29th                           MANDATORY AFTER SCHOOL REHEARSAL (3-4 PM) [Cafeteria]

30th                           MANDATORY FALL CONCERT (6:30 PM) [Cafeteria] Report at 6:00 pm


All state students will rehearse from 3 – 4pm every Monday and Tuesday

13-17                       6th Grade Statewide Honor Choir Sign Up

17th                            6th Grade Statewide Honor Choir Auditions 3-4 pm [Chorus Room]

20th                            6th Grade Honor Choir Registration Form and $ Due


4th                               Choral Extravaganza [Location: TBA]

15th                            1st Audition for All State Choir [Crisp County High School]

21st                            Composite Pictures


15th                           MANDATORY AFTER SCHOOL REHEARSAL (3-4) [Cafeteria]

16th                           MANDATORY WINTER CONCERT (6:30PM) [Cafeteria] Report at 6:00 pm


All state students will rehearse from 3 – 4pm every Monday and Tuesday

23rd                            2nd All State Chorus Audition [Location: TBA]


6-7                             6th Grade Statewide Honor Chorus [Tifton University of Georgia Campus]

9-10                          District Honor Choir [Mary Pearson’s High School, Monroe County]


5-7                             All State Choir Event [The Classic Center, Athens, GA]

9th                              MANDATORY AFTER SCHOOL REHEARSAL (3-4) [Cafeteria]

10th                           MANDATORY Pre-LGPE Concert (6:30PM) [Cafeteria] Report at 6:00 pm



8th                              MANDATORY AFTER SCHOOL REHEARSAL (3-4 pm) [Cafeteria]

11th                           MANDATORY SPRING CONCERT (6:30PM) [Cafeteria] Report at 6:00 pm

Please complete the registration form indicating, I have read and understood all the contents of this handbook.  I agree to adhere to all of its components.  I will give my full cooperation as needed to make this choral program a success this year. 


Huntington Middle School Choral Program

Catherine S. Holloway, Director

Chorus Acknowledgement Form




Student’s Lunch Number ________________________


Student’s Name  _______________________________________________________________


Parent/Guardian Name __________________________________________________________


Address                                                       __________________________________________________________



                                                      (City, State, Zip Code)


Phone Numbers                                      ________________________________________          Home


                                                      ________________________________________          Parents Cell


                                                      _________________________________________        Other


Parent’s E-Mail Address     ___________________________________________________


T- Shirt (Sizes YL – 3XL) _______________        Collared Shirt (Sizes S-3XL) _______________


($10 extra)  Parent T-Shirt __________________


Parent/Guardian Signature _______________________________________________


Student’s Signature            __________________________________________________


Parents:  A successful choral program consists of not only a director and great singers, but it consists of great parental support.  If you are able to assist the chorus in any of the following areas please let me know (please check as many as you like): 


_________                  Chaperoning (Any person wishing to chaperone will need to have a background check on file with the Houston County Board of Education) – LGPE, Spring Trips


_________                  Setting up/Breaking down/Cleaning up before/after concerts and performances


_________                  Booster Club (This will help the growth and production of the Choral program. This involves the ideas and great contributions of the parents whose children are in the program itself.)

2014-2015 Music Appreciation Syllabus (Chorus) 7/31/2014
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